White Oak Power LLC
The county’s first plug-in electric terminal truck was delivered Thursday morning as county officials came to the North County Transfer Station in Fredonia to check it out. The truck is provided by Orange EV, a Kansas City, Mo.-based industry that builds, sells and services industrial electric trucks. Pictured, from the left, are Bob Reuther, owner of White Oak Power; Mike Saxton, Orange EV chief commercial officer; George Spanos, county public facilities director; County Legislator Mark Odell, R-Brocton; County Executive Vince Horrigan; and Paul Abram, county equipment maintenance supervisor.
This appeared in our local paper last month.  The County is ordering a least one more.  This is our first EV sale!
About Us

  White Oak Power LLC is a small company I started back in 2008.  I've been a successful salesman for many years but something was missing at the company I was working for - namely the fun was gone.
  So I decided to use White Oak as an outlet for my abilities and to expand my selling horizons.
In January of 2013, I retired from diesel fuel injection and began running White Oak Power full time.  As I told my beautiful wife, the good news is we're on the ground floor.  The bad news is, we're on the ground floor.
  Well, we hit the ground running and I am pleased to say  White Oak Power is still Open For Business.  While we still have offerings for diesel engines, we are shifting over to EVs and charging systems for our transportation offerings.  New York is a leader in electric transportations and we have access to program offerings and highly respected vendors.  NY has EV money available and we can help you tap into it.

  In addition, we work with vendors like Superior Energy Innovations on residential and commercial energy efficiencies.  Other partners include enVerid for air handling efficiencies, various solar, small wind, and microgrid companies and we are always researching start ups for new ideas and offerings.
 In short, we are an intermediary in the energy efficiency business world.  Please tell me what you need and I will spend the time and energy to research it and find the best fit to meet your needs.  
 And, most importantly, I have what I started with - honesty and integrity and a commitment to see my customers succeed.
White Oak Power is a 100% veteran owned small business.  We greatly appreciate your business and your support.  Thank you.