White Oak Power

Hello, folks.
  When it came time for me to build  our web page, I decided on the picture of the handshake for several reasons.
  First, it represented how business should be conducted, a handshake signifying that all parties have agreed to the terms and conditions with the understanding that a person's word reflects directly on that person's character and that all parties will benefit from the proposed project.
  It also reminded me that although many salespeople sell many things, the only things that salespeople have to sell are those attributes they possess on their own and that no one, except themselves, can ever take away - honesty and integrity.
  We want everyone to know and understand, White Oak Power is committed to the success of our customers.  It's a really simple business model - successful customers make for successful salespeople.

UPDATE 8/1/2017
  I have not been on the site in years, either too busy to do it or just plain procrastinating.  In any event, things have dramatically changed.  Alternative fuels and hybrid conversions have taken a big hit, caused by the low fuel prices and extended ROIs.  Those big companies that are already in it continue to utilize CNG and LPG.  And grants are still available, such as Pennsylvania's AFIG program and New York's VIP offering, both of which we work with.
  We are, however, branching out.  While I am proud to be one of the few independent converters still in business, we are finding new opportunities in residential and commercial energy efficiency, commercial and community solar, and electric vehicles and chargers.  We are working with the VW Settlement Fund for NOx reductions.  Plastics recycling is now on our radar.  We may be a small business but we are still a viable small business.

UPDATE 12/31/2018
 Like a shark, you keep moving or you die.  Low fuel prices and OEM offerings continue to severely depress the alternative fuel aftermarket.  So we keep moving to EVs and EVSEs, building efficiency, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency consulting.  Solar remains viable here in NY and there's a small scale windmill company we like very much.  Battery storage?  You bet and there's a start up company featuring BESS for home heating.  In short, I spend my time doing things for customers so that they can spend their time more productively.  I'm thinking of putting Intermediary on the new business cards.  It's really what I do, eh.
  Please let us know what we can do for you. If you succeed, then we have succeeded!  America is already great.
thank you,
Bob Reuther
White Oak Power LLC

UPDATE 03/30/2022
  It's been interesting. (:  The time has come to focus and stop trying to provide everything to everyone.  I have been involved in building efficiency for the past 5 years but I always kept my options open for transportation opportunities.  The avenue I'm taking is electric avenue, specifically EVSE sales and installations.  New York is especially fertile ground for EV infrastructure and funding, both on the Federal and State levels.  I have also been fortunate to partner with an excellent intall company and we can now serve Western NY from Syracuse to all points west.  Please give us a call, we can do it all!